Container and special transports

The Port of Rauma is Western Finland’s gateway to the world. The port opera- tions are supported by fast and exible inland connections. RaumanKTK is a reliable partner that transports containers and large units to their destinations, carries out the most demanding special transports and manages any transpor- tation projects on a turnkey basis.


RaumanKTK invests in the quality and availabili- ty of unit transports by maintaining a high-stan- dard and versatile eet and providing emplo- yees with continual training and development opportunities.

• Standard transports with DC and HC containers • Heavy container transports
• Short-chassis and combination transports
• Extra high/wide transports with OT and
FR containers
• Container warehousing and handling services • Warm warehousing for containers
• Container loading services
• Registered waste transportation


There are products manufactured by industrial

and mechanical engineering companies in, for example, Rauma that cannot be transported using standard vehicles or containers. We are experts in special transports and o er high-standard tailored solutions to meet your requirements.

We provide:

• Transports of extra wide, long and high loads • Low-bed or platform trailer transports
• Heavy-load transports
• Hoisting and lift transports
• Extra-high load transports